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BLACK STAR RIDERS track “Kingdom Of The Lost” lyric video on YouTube.

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Here is the BLACK STAR RIDERS track “Kingdom Of The Lost” from the forthcoming album “All Hell Breaks Loose” that is released Worldwide over the next 8 days. The link below is for the lyric video on You Tube.
This is not available to purchase as a download yet but will be upon release of the record. So Enjoy on here until you buy the whole album!!!

Here are few words from Ricky Warwick on the song and the lyric vid –

“I am delighted to have my good friend and amazingly talented Belfast artist Terry Bradley contribute his art to this video, which I feel sums up the lyrical content brilliantly. 

This little story below inspired the song along with situations my friends, myself and history has told over the years of the wandering Irish and anyone who is far away from home and themselves !!!

The picture of the 2 gentlemen in the very daper 1930 suits in the chorus are my Grandfather and Great Grandfather, the picture of the young man in the soldier’ s uniform is also my Great Grandfather who at 14 years ( he lied about his age, you had to be 16 to fight with your parents approval, 18 if not ! ) of age ran away from Belfast to enlist in the British army, to fight in the First World War he got as far as Southampton, where he got seriously ill with pleurisy and was hospitalized and when they found out he was only 14 sent him back home to Belfast, he enlisted again in 1918 when he was 17 but by then the war was all but over!!!”


Hear Ricky Warwick and Scott Gorham interviewed by Nikki Sixx

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Hear Ricky Warwick and Scott Gorham interviewed by Nikki Sixx on his radio show Sixx Sense this thursday in the 8pm (Los Angeles Time) hour of the show. You can listen online at http://www.sixxsense.com/ or the show is on XM164 and on the iheartradio app. You can check Sixx Sense Affiliates here: http://www.sixxsense.com/pages/affiliates.html for a station in your area that broadcast the show.